A Period Piece

A Period Piece (Illustrator and Glue, 2016):

A Period Piece is an absurdist, Salvador Dali-inspired menstrual clock created by me, Riley Simons, Alicia Waid and Natasha Whyte! Our “biological clock” is meant to display an average 28 day menstrual cycle and is an unconventional way to measure time. I came up with the idea for this project and created the clock’s interior design with Natasha using Illustrator. Riley then took apart the clock and painted it so that Alicia, Natasha and I could glue our design onto it. Riley recorded the video of our clock in action while Alicia, Natasha and I manipulated the video’s lighting to simulate the passing of time. Alicia then put the video together using Premiere Pro. This project was really a fun exercise in teamwork!