Hi there! My name is Patricia Petit Liang and I like to make weird art. I am passionate about civil rightsqueer theory, intersectional feminism, pop culture and video games!

I have been a radio host since I was 16 years old and am now the News Director at CJLO 1690AM: Concordia University’s underground radio station!

You can find our latest news broadcasts here.

In my spare time, I like to mess around with Photoshop to make wacky posters for my radio shows.

If you are interested in hiring me to do cool things for you, here is my résumé that I made using InDesign!

I also enjoy doing improv, thrifting and making blueberry pancakes.

Fun facts:
- I have Hypermobility Syndrome and can do all kinds of freaky things with my body if you know what I mean
- I love spicy food, especially if it makes my eyes water
- I am half Chinese half French Canadian and my parents are really cute
- My all-time favorite video game is The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
- I once climbed onto the roof of my high school and NOBODY EVEN NOTICED

You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.