Fatal Attraction

Fatal Attraction is my surreal comedy talk show where I celebrate things that are grotesque yet oddly relaxing.

Tune into CJLO 1690AM every Thursday from 12PM-1PM to hear me meditate, play weird YouTube videos, give really bad advice and interview a variety of super cool guests!

On my show, I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing Mike Ward, Brad SherwoodLeSean Thomas, Strange Froots, Tshizimba, the founders of Glam Gam Productions and plenty of other lovely people.

You can hear all of the latest episodes of Fatal Attraction on Mixcloud!

In 2015, Fatal Attraction took home The Phil Donahue Award for best talk show and The In A World… Award for best show promo at the annual CJLO Diego Awards.

In 2016, I took home The Keener Award for excellence in volunteering and The Joan Rivers Award for being CJLO’s best dressed woman at the annual CJLO Diego Awards.

In 2017, I took home The Rising Star Award for most likely to succeed and The Joan Rivers Award for being the best dressed at the annual CJLO Diego Awards!

Here are some of the posters that I’ve been making for my show since 2015: