was a comedy talk show on CJLO 1690AM that I hosted with my best friend Marina Minh Nguyen. Together, we made wacky small talk and shared our awkward personal stories on the air!

We interviewed all kinds of awesome guests, including Matt and Pat from Two Best Friends Play, a representative from Cinema L’Amour and the owner of beloved internet cat celebrity Chase No Face.

Marina and I first created FunkShui during high school while we were students in CJLO’s Youth Program! We were 16 years old when the show started.

In 2013, FunkShui took home The CJLOL Award for having funniest show, The Wayne and Shuster Prize for having the best talk show and The In A World… Award for best show promo at the annual CJLO Diego Awards.

Here are a bunch of posters that I made for the show from 2012-2014: