What is Intermedia? Intermedia is all about experimentation. It’s art that pushes the limits of media into all kinds of weird territory. It incorporates different mediums together into one cohesive final product whose parts are indistinguishable. Intermedia is an enigma that is both everything and NOTHING (I promise it’s not a cult). It’s also my current specialization for Communication Studies!

Check out my projects and get weird with me! Let’s start by looking at this abomination I made below.

Underwater Steve Buscemi (After Effects, 2016):

Underwater Steve Buscemi is an accidental .gif I created during an Intermedia II lab. Noah Paperman taught us how to use After Effects to mask and key green screen footage. I found a photo of Steve Buscemi and incorporated it into the free underwater background that Noah provided us. I then masked out Steve Buscemi’s eyes. The reflecting water in Steve Buscemi’s eyes is meant to be a window into his empty, drowning soul.